When Did Elena Turn Vampire? Her Relationship, the Salvatores, and Everything Else!

Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert


Elena Gilbert’s plotline, according to The Vampire Diaries viewers, is the most significant to the show. Elena’s physical appearance has changed dramatically since becoming a Vampire and then returning to human.

When the Salvatore brothers returned to Mystic Falls, Elena was drawn into the perilous world of vampires. Elena Gilbert has mixed feelings about Damon and Stefan.

Elena had some bizarre affairs with the Salvator sibling during the episode, which led in a sequence of dramatic life-changing occurrences for the mystery girl.

When Does Elena Turn Vampire?

Elena determines whether or not to join the side of immortal creatures in Growing Pains. She eventually agrees and transforms into a vampire.

Elena, according to certain fans and her clear character, never intended to become a vampire. After Elena joined the undead, fans were curious about what would happen to her attitude and character.

Elena’s First Kill After Turning Vampire

Who could have predicted that? Elena would murder someone? She did it. Episode 5 of Season 4. “The Executioner.”

The fans were taken aback when they saw Elena kill someone. Her entire demeanor was centered on spreading peace and love.

Elena was seen battling to contain her craving for blood after her transformation into a bloodthirsty vampire. Her first victim was Connor, a vampire hunter who compelled Elena to reveal Jeremy’s location.

Elena perceived this “suffering” as an opportunity to satisfy her bloodlust, and she eventually severed his neck, satisfying her craving for fresh blood.

Fans were startled to see Elena actually “murder” someone when these scenes aired.

The Importance of Elena’s Story Throughout the Series

Elena’s tale has evolved as the show progressed. The doppelganger’s relationship with the Salvatore brothers was difficult, which caused many changes in her life.

Without the fans’ knowledge, the entire show focuses on Elena’s story. Elena’s life has altered dramatically since the beginning of The Vampires Diaries, as we saw over the course of the eight seasons.

The writers made the viewers enthralled with the Salvator brothers throughout the seasons, yet the plot always came back to either saving or killing Elena Gilbert.

When did Elena pass away?

Her demise was unavoidable. Elena is one of those characters who risk their lives for the sake of their loved ones. They are only concerned about their family and friends.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries understood that someone like Elena would die because she cares too much about her loved ones.

Elena Gilbert died several times in The Vampire Diaries, but her most heartbreaking death occurred in Season 3 Episode 22 (The Departed) when she attempted to save Matt while sacrificing her own life.

When Elena died, fans were left wondering what would happen to the tale. Elena was close to Jeremy, therefore the fans were interested to see how he reacted to her death.

When Will Elena Meet Stefan Salvatore?

In the first episode of The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert meets Stefan Salvatore. Still reeling from the unexpected deaths of both her parents, she is captivated by Stefan’s unusual and intriguing nature. They obviously met at Mystic Falls.

They began dating after she met the mysterious, good-looking Stefan. In Episode 6, Elena discovers the truth about vampires. That was E 06 “Lost Girls,” when Stefan revealed his true nature to her.

Elena was disturbed when she first learned of Stefan’s vampire nature because she had no idea what her new partner was capable of. She struggled at first to ignore all of this new drama, but with time, she learned to manage her thoughts and accept her partner for who he truly was.

Who makes Elena a vampire?

Damon feeds Elena his blood in season two to save her life. His blood was in her system. Elena eventually dies with Damon’s blood in her system, and when she awakens, she is transformed into a vampire. Damon was the one who transformed Elena into a vampire.


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