Has Shylily shown her face to her fans? Shylily Face Reveal

Shylily Face Reveal: Maker artist Lilly built Shylily, an autonomous humanoid. To discover more about Shylily Face Reveal, please read this post through to the conclusion. We will describe Shylily Face Reveal in this article.

Shylily Face Reveal

Shylily’s Identity

Maker artist Lilly created the autonomous humanoid Shylily. She was reportedly born in Germany and spent the second half of her life in Denmark. She decided to pursue her post-graduate studies in the Netherlands, where she now resides with her cat Mana.

Face of Shylily revealed

Lilly, as Shylily has disclosed, is her true name, but she won’t show her face. She created a persona of a developed person with the stories of her early years.

On the other side, her evolved form resembles an anime orca with long back hair and white stripes. She has antique marks on her body and wears a blue robe.

Has Shylily Let Her Fans See Her Face?

In July 2021, she showed a piece of her face, showing how she looked while vlogging. She hasn’t posted, so we’re not sure if it’s her or a stock photo from the internet. If the image is true, she is a young Caucasian woman with short hands and light earthy-colored hair.


Age Shylily

According to a YouTube user, Shylily was born on August 5, 2979, making her 5000 years old.  As the impact of the chilly water pushed her to the void, she gradually lost consciousness. A gleam suddenly awoke her inner essence as her body slid toward the strange source of light.

Has Shylily dated or partnered with anyone?

Shylily is an adult lady without a boyfriend or a romantic relationship. She affectionately refers to her employees and admirers as “shrimps,” and those are the relationships she values most.

Instagram Videos And Photos From Shylily



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FAQs for the Shylily Face Reveal

Who Is Shylilly,

Lilly, often known online as Shylilly, is an independent German-Dutch VTuber (born: August 5, -2979 (-2979-08-05) [age 5000]).

What country is Veibae from?

Veibae is a citizen of the UK. Vaibae has made it known on her Twitch that she is a British citizen.

Describe a Subathon.

A Subathon is a unique event that Twitch streamers host where the length of the stream is extended by each Sub they receive.

Who Does She Really Go By?

Shylily has acknowledged that her true name is Lilly but chooses not to expose her face. She developed an identity as a virtual avatar using the mythology around her beginnings.

What is the age of Shylily?

Shylily is 5000 years old, having been born on August 5th, 2979, according to her YouTube fans. Her character’s tragic origin involves a little girl who was playing in a winter woodland when she became lost in the night.

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