Who is Paula Patton’s mother? Why her chicken recipe became popular

Paula Patton's mother

Recently, Paula Patton’s mother has been in the news. Not for her acting career, but rather for an Instagram video she published with her mother Joyce’s fried chicken dish on March 5, 2022. Fans are interested in learning more about her mother, who was addressed in the video despite not being a main character.

Given that she and her daughter seem to have a tight relationship, Joyce Patton has previously appeared in her daughter’s social media posts. Let’s investigate the mother of the Warcraft and 2 Guns actress.

Paula Patton's mother

Joyce Patton’s mother, who is she?

According to her daughter’s Instagram, Joyce Patton (née Vanraden) worked as a teacher in the public school system for 32 years.



She has been one of my greatest blessings here on earth.

Paula Patton said in a post published in January 2022 to celebrate Joyce’s birthday. committing her life to improving my brother’s and my life. She gave up her own desires and requirements to make sure that ours were always satisfied.

She felt it was her duty to continually support, uplift, and educate youngsters.

Mixed-race Paula Patton has actively supported the Black Lives Matter movement. Her mother gave her the Caucasian portion of her lineage, and her father.

Charles Patton, gave her the African American portion.

Joyce is a proponent of the movement, as the actress and singer observed.

Hailed her as “the lady who always told me absolutely you are Black.”

Julian Fuego, the son of her daughter and Robin Thicke, is also a grandchild of Joyce Patton.

The meteoric ascension of Jay Versace, from Vine to the 2022 Grammys, is in vogue.


Paula Patton's mother

The Californian upbringing of Paula Patton

Charles and Joyce Patton, Paula’s parents, reared her in Los Angeles, California. Paula Patton revealed in an Instagram post that her father was the descendant of sharecroppers who grew up harvesting cotton in Mississippi. He moved to California at the age of 18, working nights at a juvenile detention facility and the post office to pay for his legal education. He then started his own law firm and served as a public defender.

Charles Jr., a kid born to Charles and Joyce, has now fathered two boys of his own.

Paula Patton's mother

Criticism of the “disastrous” fried chicken dish from Patton

Several social media users made fun of Patton’s preparation of her mother’s specialty meal. She refers to Joyce Patton by saying, “I’m going to prepare my mom’s renowned fried chicken,” in the video.


The actress rinsed the raw chicken in cold water before dredging it in flour and putting it in a hot frying pan to begin the cooking process.

Users on social media have criticised Patton for not adding seasoning until the chicken was already cooked.

Paula Patton seasoned the chicken as it was in the oil, according to a Twitter user.


Another person said, “How Paula Patton’s mother regarded her bland chicken. She appeared satisfied with the failure since she was an actor.



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