A Roc Royal Chresanto Romelo August is the second member to try out for Mindless Behavior. He was born in Los Angeles, California, on July 23, 1997.He joined the band in 2008 and stayed until 2014, when his troublesome behaviour led to his termination.

Roc Royal


Chresanto August occasionally engaged in dancing while he attempted to take up sports like football. Chresanto‘s mother learned about the Mindless Behavior auditions via Chresanto’s cousin, who was acquainted with Keisha Gamble.

And she decided to accompany Chresanto to the auditions rather than his football tryouts. As a result of Chresanto’s brave approach, Keisha decided to include him in the group. He has French, English, Belizean, and African American ancestry. Even though they shared a street and had known one other for a long time.

Ray Ray’s father and Chresanto’s father were unaware of one another. In 2014,

Chresanto left the group for unknown reasons, but many fans believe it was because of the allegations that he stole a producer’s BMW and the subsequent video of him assaulting a man for money that was owed to him. As he alleged, the group’s management fired him through text message without giving him the chance to defend himself or the circumstances. He changed his stage name from “Roc Royal” to “Santo August” after leaving the group, and 319 Music Group & Films quickly signed him. He planned to record his first EP and was pursuing a solo music career. Over 950,000 people have watched his first music video for the song “Amazing” thus far on YouTube.

Roc Royal

Chresanto was arrested in February 2016 and is currently serving a 2-year jail sentence after being charged with violence and robbery. However, a family member revealed that he will be freed earlier than expected for good conduct. He was scheduled for release in the spring of 2017, and while he was behind bars, he released the songs “I’m The Plug” and “I Choose Her.” He is presently detained on allegations of violence and robbery.


Chresanto is composed, collected, unafraid, and grounded. Soul and Mexican food are his two favourite cuisines. Michael Jackson, Drake, Kanye West, P. Diddy, and Eminem are some of his musical influences. He enjoys riding go-karts and watching movies.


  • In the initial group, he was the youngest person.
  • His final album with the group, All Around the World, was published.
  • He was educated at home.
  • Chrestano’s mother was not intended to become pregnant again; in fact, she suffered a stroke while carrying him, but fortunately, Chrestano was healthy.
  • He was the lone employee of the group that was let go.
  • He is the first member of the group to give birth to a kid, with Ray Ray coming in second.
  • Up until he changed his look and stopped primarily wearing hats and cut his hair, he was known for his buffalo hats and puffy ponytail.
  • He is the first person in the group to be detained and go to jail.

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